"We have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us."

- 2 Cor. 4:7

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Your Identity


Where is our identity and where does it come from? Often the first thing a stranger will ask after meeting you is, “What do you do?” To most of our society, how we are viewed is based on our work. If you are worldly success they seem delighted to know you. It is all about what you do, or how much wealth, power, or beauty you possess. We have become human doings not human beings.

Our parents tried to mold our identities- “We are Smiths and Smiths always (or never) act like that”. Friends and bosses try to give us an identity.   I remember a time when I would often lead prayer if the pastor’s wife was away.   I was called “the Fun One.” I loved prayer and knew it was supposed to be fun. I was not a “beast of burden” laboring under all the needs of the world. I was a vital member of a Kingdom that operated in joy (see Rom 14:17). I was determined to let that joy be a part of everything I did. When someone starts with I’m just a housewife, or a caretaker, or a child worker, or a bus driver, etc., you know that they don’t feel very strong about their identity. If we choose to listen to what people think about us, and identify with it, we are headed for disaster.

Our identity comes from who and what we choose to identify with. Once we receive Jesus we receive a new identity. I’m now a daughter of the most High God. I’m the daughter of the King of kings, and that makes me a princess. If you are a male, it makes you a prince. You now have tremendous power in Jesus name. Some people through noble deeds are given keys to a city; you my friend have the keys of the Kingdom (see Matt 16:19).. You now have a heavenly Father who listens to you, always loves you, helps you in every way, to succeed in His business.

Often in Christian circles people will tell you what you need to do but not tell you who you are in Christ. Lift up your head, walk tall because you are loved and counted worthy.  Jesus gave His precious life for you. No greater love can someone have for you than this that He laid down His life for you (see John 15:13).

The world tries to lure us back into its identity. I have had several dreams that I lose my purse with all my identification in it. In the dream I’m travelling and need my passport and my credit cards. I wake up in a panic. Then I realize there is no place I can go to where Jesus can’t find me and help me. He wants to take my old identity away within the world, and give me a new one. There is such power and life in Christ that we are transformed to look more and more like Him.

I used to be extremely fearful. I can now, as an older woman, do more daring things than I could do in my  twenties. I have done things beyond my wildest dreams and expectations in Christ. I may not have scored big in the world’s eyes, but I know I’ve made some home runs on God’s score board, and so have you. To be called a Christian means to be Christ like. That is your identity and the world is just waiting for you to know this and show them who you are in Him. I can’t wait to see who we all become.

Love Jeanne


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