"We have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us."

- 2 Cor. 4:7

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Nothing is Impossible


Have you ever been in a difficult place where you couldn’t do it yourself? We have and had to really rely on God for help.

Recently our son Mike, his wife Suzanne, Ken and I were leaving Singapore.   We had it all planned out. Mike’s flight left at 6:30 am and Suzanne’s, Ken’s and mine left at 9:30 am. We would go to the airport the day before and stay at the hotel right in the airport. The Transit hotel is after security;  so you have to check your bags, get your boarding passes, and clear security.  We couldn’t check in the hotel until 10:00 pm, but there was lots for us to do after we passed security.   Ken, myself, and Suzanne got our boarding passes and checked our bags.   Mike was flying a different airline and they were not open. After making inquiries it was discovered that they would not open until 4:30am the next morning.   Mike went to security and they said he couldn’t get past without a boarding pass to go to the hotel.   

Now we had a big dilemma.  Our choices were to stay in another hotel that was hundreds of dollars more expensive, nearby; or try to leave the airport to find a cheap hotel last minute.  We all had to be at the airport early.   Mike had to be there by 4:30 am and we had to be there by 6:30 am.   We had a reservation for 2 rooms at the Transit hotel.   It was a perfect plan, now what were we going to do. Every other choice was complicated.   I suggested we go to the customs officers.  They were willing to let Ken, Sue, and me go, but not Mike. I began to pray about the situation as did Sue. We explained our problem and how we had reservations for the Transit hotel. All of a sudden the guard suggested we go to information. He said if anyone could help us information could. Mike didn’t think it would work. An information booth at the airport can’t overrule the security procedures. We all came to the booth. I secretly anointed the booth with oil and started to pray. The lady said she couldn’t do anything. We explained the whole story again. She then said she would check and made a phone call. She asked Mike if he had luggage to check. No, he said. Mike felt very strongly to only take a carry on before we left home. She then clarified that we all had reservations for the Transit hotel.  She then told us to wait. So we sat down and waited and waited. Finally the head of the airport came down to see us. She decided to get Mike through with us. The head of the airport went with us to security and helped Mike through. There were papers to sign and clearances to make. Finally we were through and she apologized for the wait.

 God came in and helped us big time. We were told it couldn’t happen, but it did. Nothing is impossible with God.  I had passes to an airline lounge so we could wait and have a meal. There was a two- story live butterfly exhibit next to us , which we all enjoyed and on the other side was a free movie place for travellers. We had a great night, and then went to our hotel for a sleep.  We got up early and went right to the departure area in 5 minutes. Thank you Lord. You are so good to us.

Nothing is impossible with God.   God can help you even when it seems too difficult. He is our father and He helps His children.

Love, Jeanne



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