"We have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us."

- 2 Cor. 4:7

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We are coming into a new era where we have to be careful as never before. The things we could do 5 or 10 years ago we can no longer get away with. The Holy Spirit is calling us up to a higher place: a place where eagles soar high above the smog and pollutants. This place is called holiness.  soaringeaglemountain copy

Jesus made a way for us to access the Holy of Holies.  Through the blood of Jesus we can come before the Throne of Grace and have access to the Father. God is opening eyes and revealing more and more to His people. To rightly discern what the Spirit is saying, we must come under His holiness. The high priest wore a band on his forehead that said “Holiness to the Lord” (Ex 28:36-38). The high priest represents us to God. God does not see our thoughts; He sees “Holiness to the Lord”; He sees what Jesus thinks about. The high priest’s thoughts become our thoughts, before God, making us clean.

But, Jesus has to filter all of our thoughts because He lives in us. He represents us to God. It is our love for Him that will cause us to desire to change our thoughts (see 2Cor 5:14). Our discernment comes from walking in the light as He is in the light and the blood of Jesus cleansing us from all unrighteousness.  We must believe that we are righteous in Him if we are to see as He sees.

 I used to tell my kids a story of a young boy who found a snake. It was just a baby snake and even though his parents had warned him not to play with snakes, he hid it in the barn and kept it. He often fed and played with the little snake. Many months went by and the snake grew. The boy reached out to play and the snake bite him. It was a poisonous snake. He went crying into the house and was rushed off to the hospital for anti-venom shots. His dad had to find the snake and kill it. So it is with us and temptations. They seem so innocent and harmless, but they have the capacity to grow. We can’t entertain sins; we must kill them. God has been breaking us from the law and moving us into liberty… use not liberty for the flesh, but to serve one another (see Gal 5:13). What may have been permissible in the past may not be right for today.  All things are lawful, not all things are expedient.

There is a new revelation coming to the body of Christ and the discernment level must come up higher. The discernment increases with light in the word.  There is a story of a young woman who raised a python as a pet.  She looked after it and let it roam her place freely. Many years went by and it grew. One week she noticed it was not eating anything. Another week went by without it eating. Then a strange thing happened, she awoke to find the snake stretched out beside her starring at her. She became very concerned with her snake’s health, and phoned a vet. After he asked her a few questions he told her the snake was sizing her up and preparing to see if it could eat her.  She immediately donated her snake to the zoo.

 We cannot entertain things that can potentially kill us. Temptation comes subtly, innocently, like it can’t hurt us and then it sinks its teeth into us and gets us. Sin dulls our senses. At this time as never before we need to stay alert. The enemy came to Adam and Eve in the garden as a snake. It came in the form of an animal so they would feel that they had control over it. The enemy’s goal is to have control over us. Satan will try to use temptation to get to you.  He wants us to bow to him and serve him. The world is getting darker and darker. Sin is becoming exceedingly sinful. Movies that would have been banned 20 or 30 years ago are now common.  The righteous are called evil and the sinful are called righteous. We need discernment.

“Come up here, come up here”, He is calling to His beloved. Come up into His holiness, come up to His righteousness. Lord I pray for those reading this, that you expose every trap of the enemy. Lord I pray that You cause us to come into a higher level of holiness with You. Deliver us from evil, keep us from temptation. Pray (Ps 35:1-9) and put your name in it as you read it out loud.

Love Jeanne

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