"We have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us."

- 2 Cor. 4:7

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Building a Wall of Faith


Have you ever felt that all of Hell was coming against you? I have, but I had to realize that negative feelings are the bridge that can take us over to satan’s kingdom.

As I awoke one morning and was praying about how I was feeling, I decided in the spirit to build a wall of faith around me. I saw myself constructing a wall of heavy carved out boulders. I began laying one on top of another and formed a wall all around myself. I felt safe from all the fiery darts the enemy was hurling at me.

Our enemy tries to inject feelings, suspicions and lies into our minds. He is very subtle; it is almost undetectable as coming from outside yourself. He is trying to destroy our faith in God and God’s people.

The shield of faith is designed to quench every fiery dart the enemy hurls at you. How do we come out of the deception. We put on the Lord Jesus Christ. We fight every lie with the truth. Jesus fought the devil and said “it is written” to the enemy. We believe the best about others. We love and don’t fear. We feed our souls on the word of God. I began by reading in the New Testament and then followed with Proverbs. I needed God’s wisdom to fight this battle. Soon I was constructing a wall of faith with the foundation of the Word in me. Feelings were replaced with faith. Lies were replaced with truth. Confidence in God got stronger. I could feel my inner man growing. We can give into what we think and feel, or we can decide to believe and follow Jesus. He is the Word. He is our protector. Proverbs 4:23 tells us to guard our hearts “with all vigilance.” It means we need to examine our attitudes and thoughts on a regular basis and make adjustments. We can help what we think. We don’t need to receive every thought that comes to our mind. I chose to build a wall of faith round about me with the truth of God’s word. Funny thing that happened is all the negative feelings have left.

love Jeanne




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