"We have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us."

- 2 Cor. 4:7

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Be Available



We recently planned a little get away for our son and ourselves. We were only going to be gone for a few days. At our home if we don’t get away,  we can’t get a break. The phone rings, people come over in distress, someone needs prayer or counseling. Working on a book is never ending, as well as seminars to do, work, and travel to meetings.  I was so looking forward to some rest and relaxation.

Three days before we were to leave we received an e-mail from a friend.  Our friend, Rob, had gone out to lunch with us six months prior.  As we spoke, he laid out the chance he had to help someone achieve a medal at the Olympics.  He was approached by another country to coach their star performer.  The athlete was asked what it would take to get him into metals and he had said Rob, the Canadian, coaching him. If he accepted this offer, it would mean moving to a different country, giving up his business here, and living with the athlete and his wife until the Olympics were over.  We were so excited to hear this and encouraged him to pursue it.  We felt the Lord was in it and Rob, our friend, could share his faith with them. He had helped coach this same fellow years ago as a non-believer and now Rob had a chance to show him how much Christ had changed him.  We could see this as a kingdom happening; in that Rob could influence a couple that could make a difference in their country.

Winning a metal in the Olympics gives you a platform to be a hero to the youth of a nation, and as a Christian athlete many can be influenced for Christ. We were surprised at how quickly things worked out for Rob in this transition. Now six months later he was asking us for help, or direction from the Holy Spirit for this couple. Situations had come up with the couple and Rob wasn’t sure how to handle them. Praise God, Rob had the couple reading the bible in a translation they could understand and they were listening to praise and worship music now. I told Rob we were flying into the city he was in, and that we could meet with them the first night. Rob was very excited at the timing of the Lord and what God was going to do for this couple.

Always be available to God. We have our plans but God leads and directs our steps. We met with Rob and the couple. We prayed with them and talked about Christ as the bridge to God. We ministered to some deep wounds and hurts. Forgiveness flowed as well as tears. Both husband and wife prayed to receive the Holy Spirit. God was victorious that night. A peace flooded our hotel room, after they left, of the goodness of God.

We are often offered opportunities from God. Rob was offered an opportunity to make a difference to someone who could influence a nation. It cost him, as he financially makes less money than he would being a coach here.  It is inconvenient for him as he has to live with the couple and travel to meets and constantly prepare towards the next trial, or meet. He left friends and family and all that was familiar to help someone else, for Christ’s sake.  We gave up an entire evening of our vacation to help someone on their journey in the Lord. What a privilege it was. We took the opportunity. 

Be available; take the opportunity God brings to you. It could be as simple as babysitting for a neighbor, and years later influencing them to Christ. Come out of your comfort zone. God wants to stretch us all. He is calling you to greater purposes for His kingdom. The field is all around and it is time for the harvest.

Love Ken & Jeanne


"Out of the treasure of God's word to the treasure of God's people."